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Novum Alpha represents the culmination of close to a decade of successfully navigating the digital asset markets using a variety of both quantitative strategies as well as discretionary approaches to deliver a compelling and comprehensive investment in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency markets are never static, so why should your cryptocurrency investment be?

Every member of the Novum Alpha team is constantly learning, responding and adapting to the dynamic cryptocurrency markets, from our in-depth research to improving our quantitative models.

The cryptocurrency markets don’t stop and neither does our learning.

The Novum Alpha Global Opportunity Digital Asset Fund, which is managed by PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd. is our flagship cryptocurrency trading strategy that combines cutting edge quantitative tools specifically tailored for the cryptocurrency markets, with a discretionary overlay that helps to cater for data deficiencies and externalities.

We’ve learned cryptocurrency trading the hard way so you don’t have to by distilling what we’ve learned deploying machine learning and deep learning models, to statistical arbitrage and market making and melding that with our breadth of experience in the financial markets and depth of technical knowledge to deliver what we believe is the most comprehensive cryptocurrency investment strategy available today.

(1) an individual:
(a) whose net personal assets exceed in value S$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency); or
(b) whose income in the previous 12 months is not less than S$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

(2) a corporation with net assets exceeding S$10 million in value (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) according to:
(a) the most recent audited balance sheet of the corporation; or
(b) where the corporation is not required to prepare audited accounts regularly, a balance sheet of the corporation certified by the corporation as giving a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the corporation as of the date of the balance‐sheet, which date shall be within the preceding 12 months;

Quantitative simply means that we use mathematical models to guide our automated trading algorithms to execute our investment strategies in the digital asset markets.

Because the digital asset markets never sleep, the bulk of all trading needs to be done automatically, and this is achieved using trading bots (computer programs) that are preset to enter and exit trades according to parameters developed from our proprietary factor models.

But given that the digital asset markets are extremely dynamic, it’s important to also cater for human intervention, for instance when we become aware of certain macro or regulatory shifts, we must have the flexibility to intervene in our trading programs to either capitalize on informational inefficiencies or price dislocations.

The digital asset markets are also highly susceptible to manipulation and given that they are still relatively inefficient, a discretionary overlay of our automated trading programs provides us with the flexibility to seize on such opportunities.

The Novum Alpha Global Opportunity Digital Asset Fund SP (“the Fund”) has only two fees:

2% Management Fee per year, but accrued and charged monthly 30% Performance Fee is charged on a monthly basis whenever there is a positive return with a High Water Mark

There are no subscription fees or redemption fees or any other fees associated with the Fund. There are also no lock-ins, save that Novum Alpha SPC (“the Company”) reserves the right to levy a 5% Short Term Trading Deduction for any redemption of shares in the Fund within the first year of investment.

A High Water Mark ensures that fees are only charged on returns in the subsequent month which are above this amount.

Below is a simplified example of how a High Water Mark works in the determination of Performance Fees.

January Feburary March
Net Asset Value $120,000 $110,000 $150,000
Management Fee 0.1666% x $120,000 = $199.92 0.1666% x $110,000 = $183.26 0.1666% x $150,000 = $249.90
Performance Fee 30% x ($120,000 - $100,000) = $6,000 NIL 30% x ($150,000 - $120,000) = $9,000
High Water Mark $120,000 $120,000 $150,000
Fee Withdrawal $199.92 + $6,000 = $6,199.92 $183.26 $249.90 + $9,000 = $9,249.90
Remaining Balance $120,000 - $6,199.92 = $113,800.08 $110,000 - $183.26 = $109,816.74 $150,000 - $9,249.90 = $140,750.10

The Short Term Trading Deduction is to encourage investors to recognize that an investment in the Fund is not intended as a short term speculation and the Fund encourages investors to stay invested for at least one year.

While there are no lock-in periods, in order to discourage investors from trading in and out of the Fund, the Company reserves the right to levy a 5% Short Term Trading Deduction fee in the first year for any redemptions below the Minimum Holding (US$100,000).

There is no lock-in period. The notice period is 14 calendar days for a redemption.

Risk exposure and position-sizing is algorithmically determined according to an internal risk management matrix that aims to limit drawdowns to a historical maximum of 30%.

Trades automatically incorporate trailing stops that are dynamically-adjusted in accordance with market conditions.

The Fund is typically treated by most tax authorities as a traditional hedge fund investment in alternative assets for the purpose of classification.

However, a tax advisor in your country would be best placed to advise you on the tax implications of your investment in the Fund.

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