Expect Institutional-Grade Security

Our clients’ security lies at the very heart of what we do.

By using best-in-class legal and digital security solutions for our clients, we provide a safe haven for clients participating in the growth of cryptocurrencies. Blending comprehensive legal solutions with up-to-date cybersecurity solutions, we ensure the safety of your cryptocurrency assets at every stage of the allocation process, from receiving, storing and redistributing of cryptocurrencies to the redemption and withdrawal process.

We also adjudge counterparty risk at all times and have strict internal policies and protocols on trading and the handling of client assets. Withdrawal addresses for cryptocurrencies are whitelisted and inaccessible to traders, while all private keys controlling cryptocurrency addresses are subject to established multi-sig best practices and 2FA protections.

Institutional-Grade Cybersecurity

All cybersecurity protocols and best-practices have been developed in conjunction with external advisers and are stress-tested periodically to protect our clients’ digital assets and interests.

Cold Wallets

Any digital assets which are not being deployed for trading are kept in cold wallets, separated by air gaps from digital interference and stored with regulated custodians, access to these cold wallets is subject to multi-sig security protocols.

2FA Tokens

Access to trading accounts is protected by 2FA Tokens (digital and physical) and digital asset deposit addresses are whitelisted so that no individual trader is able to withdraw funds directly to non-company controlled digital asset addresses.

Digital asset trading account addresses are segregated and managed by multi-sig technology, so that no one individual is able to access digital asset deposits in any particular address managed by the company.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We employ and require the use of VPN across all online interaction with trading programs and all communication to reduce exposure to malicious attacks.

Third Party Audits

Our cybersecurity protocols, strategies and contingency plans are subject to routine and regular audit by third party firms to ensure that clients’ digital assets and interests are protected at all times.